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I’m speaking at Noble Horizons Saturday January 21st, 2017

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I’m Cindy Rhys –

Professional Household Organizer,

Declutter helper,

Move Specialist,

and Public Speaker.

Activity last fall:

I am now a Volunteer with “Operation Paperback” which sends books to troops overseas and stateside, veterans and their families. In honor of the upcoming Veteran’s Day, help me send BOOKS to troops overseas, stateside veterans, and military families.
In honor of the upcoming Veteran’s Day, help me send BOOKS to troops overseas, stateside veterans, and military families! I am a volunteer with “Operation Paperback” which is dedicated to providing high-quality paperback reading material to our troops and veterans.
Time to de-clutter those bookshelves and donate to a fabulous cause! Read below for how this works:

My job is to collect the books that you donate, box them and send them to specific troops overseas or to bases stateside.
Your job is to look for paperbacks, in good condition, in these categories: action, bestsellers, biographies and memoirs, fantasy, history, mysteries and true crime. (If possible, I would appreciate a donation of .25 per book to cover the mailing costs.)
I’ll provide you with a Thank You note for the troops, or you can buy very nice Veterans Day cards at our local Post Office branches for your book box.
I’ll be collecting books only until Monday, November 21st – so get to those bookshelves and start looking!
To register for a pickup, please contact me at my email:

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