How can I help you make a move?

Move Facilitation Services

Moving is a challenge!  Especially if you are making a ‘smartsizing’ move (otherwise known as a ‘downsizing’ move!).  And it’s even more challenging if you are moving out of a house with decades of accumulation.  But whatever kind of a move you are making, there are things that every move requires – read on to see the kinds of areas where I am often asked to assist my clients. Some clients want a lot of help, others request assistance with just a few things…it’s always up to the client to decide.

Preparing and planning for the move:

  • create a timetable plan for the move

  • help interview several professional movers

  • make a space plan for the new home

  • complete the service/change of address notifications

  • arrange for connection of all utilities

  • go through personal belongings to decide what will be moved, what will not – and what to do with what’s left.

  • have a plan for moving valuables

  • organize/oversee the packing: mark priority boxes, track crucial documents, have bed, bath, and kitchen boxes ready to unpack first.

  • plan for cleaning/repairing/upgrades to the new living space.

Many times we think that the list above and packing up is all that a move requires. However, experience has shown me that there are other crucial areas that we often forget to think about…

Coordination of Moving Day Activities:

  • oversee the movers at the first home site (‘is this chair going’?)

  • direct movers at new home (‘where does this desk go’?)

  • how will valuables be moved?

  • how and when will refrigerated foods be moved

  • how much should I tip the movers and packers, how will I know if they’ve done a good job?

Move day, and getting everything moved is not the end of a move!  The goal is to unpack as quickly as possible and to live with as few boxes as possible – it’s annoying, can be frustrating, and it’s dangerous to navigate the high-rises of stacked boxes…

Settling in: If you desire, my team of professionals can help get you moved in quickly – in some instances, the same day that you move.  These services include:

  • arranging furniture

  • unpacking and removing boxes

  • making the bed(s)

  • setting up kitchen and bathroom(s)

  • connecting phones, TV, computer, lamps, etc

  • hanging pictures and making other finishing touches to the new home

  • breaking down and removing all boxes

The goal is for you to be able to walk into your new home and have the kitchen, baths and bedroom ready for your first night’s peaceful sleep.

In addition, there may be issues yet to solve with your previous residence, particularly if you are putting your house on the market…and I can help with these tasks…

Clearing and Closing the previous residence:

  • Arrange for disposition of donation and sale items

  • Arrange for hazardous waste and large rubbish disposal, if needed

  • Arrange for shipping items to family and/or friends

  • Schedule final cleaning of house and garage

  • Meet with Realtor for key hand-over

Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?  It can be, but now you know that there is help here for you – as much or as little as you decide you need.  Feel free to call or email me and we can talk about how I can be of assistance to you:

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